Board of Regents


More than 40 years ago, our Founding Board of Regents was charged with a monumental undertaking: To set in motion the myriad tasks that would build a new university from the ground up.

In their first year of existence, beginning with their inaugural meeting in September 1968, the Board had to help with the site selection, choose a president and other administrators, work out a plan to merge with a community college, establish a budget and find a way to finance the groundwork leading to the first classes.

Whew! Imagine what the second year brought!

These Founding Regents taught us to be builders on behalf of our University and its future. They taught us how to care deeply about our students and how to weave them into every dimension of our work.

We, the current Board of Regents, are privileged and honored to serve as the governing body of Northern Kentucky University. And we are acutely and humbly aware of the sacred responsibilities inherent in this service.

From the examples and inspirations of former Regents, we have remained true to the university's core values.

We have ensured that student learning remains the university's focus.

We have been open to new ideas and different ways of doing things.

And we have cherished our commitment to serve the broader community.

NKU stands as testament to this maxim. It illustrates what happens when corporate, political and civic leaders share a common vision for the future, as happened in Northern Kentucky in the 1960s.

Loch Norse and the Fine Arts Building

Today, NKU is entering a new level of service. And it is advancing the dreams of our students and our community and, in the process, building a University that is a tremendous source of pride to us all.

Let me close by offering you an invitation to attend any or all of our public meetings. We look forward to comments and suggestions by the community.

With that in mind, I encourage you to find ways to stay (or become) connected to the University. As we prepare for the next forty years, you can continue to be a rich resource for an institution such as ours. We certainly welcome the opportunity to have you more engaged in NKU.

Thank you!